Considering the nature of the business we understand you may be looking to find a monument to honor your loved one; which is why our team of designers and stone workers assist you in every aspect of selecting the perfect stone. From color, size and shape of the stone to letter engraving, we discuss all your options to best memorialize your family member, while maintaining all cemetery rules and regulations.

From cemetery headstones to concrete signs, Gate City Monument offers an array of unique monuments and marker engravings for a multitude of applications. Whether you have an existing stone you’d like engraved or are interested in purchasing a custom monument engraving, our professionals can work will all types of stone, marble, and precast (highlight) stone. Our stone workers specialize in numbering and lettering, assuring your completed project is exactly as envision and discussed. Common projects include:

  • Cemetery Lettering
  • Concrete Signs
  • Stone Address Signs
  • Garden Stones

No matter if you’re looking to memorialize a special person or place, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

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