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Absolutely love my new Granite Post and Mailbox!

“Stopped to meet with Roger on Tuesday, April 16 to purchase a granite post and mailbox for my home in Nashua. He is amazing, took the time to should me what the number 18 would look like on the post. He even took the time to show me what kind of mailbox would work best on the post and where to get it. So this was Tuesday evening, I went to get the mailbox and the next morning I stopped by to give him a check and mailbox. He stated that they would probably do the installation the following week. Well I am extremely fortunate because his team installed the post and mailbox on Friday, April 21. What service! I wasn’t exactly happy with the placement of the granite post as I felt it was too close to the street with the new mailbox attached. My fear was the as soon as it snows next winter, the plow would hit the mailbox. Luck for me Roger’s team takes photos after installation. Roger reviewed the image and agreed that it should be moved back a bit. So Mike and Norm went back to my home again and reinstalled the post with the mailbox. I cannot be happier. It is worth the investment. Roger wants you to be happy with your purchase and installation. That is first class customer service. I meant to include that once the post had been installed the yard was put back the way it was. Mike and Norm cleaned up after themselves and you would not even know someone dug a hole. I want to personally thank Roger and his team for an excellent job. I would highly recommend Gate City Monument to anyone looking for granite needs. Thank you.”

- Sheila Caron